Groundwater Progress Report - December 2015

Groundwater Progress Report for the Roche-Nutley site was submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in December 2015.The report reflects data from the third/fourth quarters of 2014 and the first/second quarters of 2015. Following are links to the report and its extensive support documents. 

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REPORT:  Groundwater Progress Report (December 2015)


Figure 1 - Site Location Map
Figure 2 - Land Use-Land Cover Map
Figure 3 - Landscape Project Map
Figure 4 - Site Plan/IA-Water Bodies
Figure 5 - Regional Topographic Map
Figure 6 - Wetlands Maps
Figure 7 - Surficial Geology Map
Fiigure 8  - Bedrock Geology Map
Figure 9 - Monitoring Well Map
Figure 10 - Potentiometric Surface Map - Zone S1
Figure 11 - Potentiometric Surface Map - Zone S2
Figure 12 - Potentiometric Surface Map - Zone S3
Figure 13 - Focused Zone S3 Gauging Event
Figure 14 - Potentiometric Surface Map - Zone D1
Figure 15 - Potentiometric Surface Map - Zone D2
Figure 16 - Potentiometric Surface Map - Zone D3
Figure 17 - GWE Quad View S1
Figure 18 - GWE Quad View S2
Figure 19 - GWE Quad View S3
Figure 20 - GWE Quad View D1
Figure 21 - GWE Quad View D2
Figure 22 - GWE Quad View D3
Figure 23 - I-I VFN & CVOC Distribution in GW
Figure 24 - J-J VFN & CVOC Distribution in GW
Figure 25 - K-K VRN & CVOC Distribution in GW
Figure 26 - L-L VFN & CVOC Distribution in GW
Figure 27 - Q2 2015 Zone S1 CVOC Plumes
Figure 28 - Q2 2015 Zone S2 CVOC Plumes
Figure 29 - Q2 2015 Zone S3 CVOC Plumes
Figure 30 - Q2 2015 Zone D1 CVOC Plumes
Figure 31 - Q2 2015 Zone D2 CVOC Plumes
Figure 32 - Q2 2015 Zone D3 CVOC Plumes
Figure 33 - CVOC Quad View S1
Figure 34 - CVOC Quad View S2
Figure 35 - CVOC Quad View S3
Figure 36 - CVOC Quad View D1
Figure 37 - CVOC Quad View D2
Figure 38 - CVOC Quad View D3
Figure 39 - CVOC Quad View D4
Figure 40 - 1,4 Dioxane Zones S1-D4 2013-2015
Figure 41 - MTBE Zones S1-D4 2013-2015
Figure 42 - Benzene Zones S1-D4 June 2015
Figure 43 - Chlorinated Ethanes Zones S1-D1 June 2015
Figure 44 - Chlorinated Ethanes Zones D2-D4 June 2015


Table 1-1
Table 1-2
Table 1-3
Table 1-4
Table 1-5
Table 2-1
Table 2-2
Table 2-3
Table 2-4
Table 3
Table 4
Table 5-1A
Table 5-1B
Table 5-1C
Table 5-1D
Table 5-1E
Table 5-1F

NOTE:  Additional appendix documents are on file with the NJDEP as part of the December 2015 submission. 
Estimated groundwater maps from quarterly sampling can be found in Appendices G-1 to G-6; please note that stimations may fluctuate over time due to seasonal variations and other conditions.

A- Final IA-6 PDI
A- Final IA-15 PDI
E- Discussion Synoptic Groundwater
G-1: S1 8Q GWE
G-2: S2 8Q GWE
G-3: S3 8Q GWE
G-4: D1 8Q GWE
G-5: D2 8Q GWE
G-6: D3 8Q GWE
I-1: S1 8Q CVOC 
I-2: S2 8Q CVOC
I-3: S3 8Q CVOC
I-4: D1 8Q CVOC
I-5: D2 8Q CVOC
I-6: D3 8Q CVOC
I-7: D4 8Q CVOC
I-8: CVOC Plumes 2Q15 S1-D4
I-9: Ethane Plumes 2Q15 S1-D4


An Addendum to the December 2015 Groundwater Progress Report was submitted to the NJDEP in August 2016. It reflects data collected from April 2015 to March 2016. Following are links ot the report and its support documents. 

REPORT:  Groundwater Progress Report - December 2015 Addendum

FIGURES:  Figures 1-19

TABLES:  Table s 1-5

NOTE:  Additional appendix documents are on file with the NJDEP as part of the Addendum submission. 

Appendix B 
Appendix C 
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix G
Appendix H


All documents and reports submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for the environmental investigation and remediation of the former Roche Nutley site are available through NJDEP:  http://www.nj.gov/dep/opra/

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