Groundwater Update - Nov. 2017

Groundwater Progress Report for the Roche-Nutley site was submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in November 2017.The report reflects data from the third/fourth quarters of 2016 and the first/second quarters of 2017. Following are links to the report and extensive support documents. 

NOTE: Some of the following documents are large and may take time to load, depending on your bandwith. If you zoom in, you may need to scroll to the right to see the pages.

REPORT:  Groundwater Progress Report (November 2017)

Figure 1 - Site Location Map
Figure 2 - Base Map
Figure 3 - 3rd Quarter 2016 GWE Zones
Figure 4 - 1st Quarter 2017 GWE Zones
Figure 5 - IA-10 S1 GWE Jan 2017
Figure 6 - IA-10 S2 GWE Jan 2017
Figure 7 - IA-10 S3 GWE Jan 2017
Figure 8 - 3rd Quarter 2016 CVOC Zones
Figure 9 - 1st Quarter 2017 CVOC Zones
Figure 10 - 3rd Quarter 2016 DIOX Zones
Figure 11 - 1st Quarter 2017 DIOX Zones
Figure 12 - DW-65 Profile
Figure 13 - DW-69 Profile
Figure 14 - DW-70 Profile
Figure 15 - DW-72 Profile
Figure 16 - IA-10 Shallow Overburden Jan 2017
Figure 17 - IA-10 S1 GWE Jan 2017
Figure 18 - IA-10 S2 GWE Jan 2017 
Figure 19 - IA-10 S3 GWE Jan 2017
Figure 20 - IA-10 S1 S2 GWE June July 2017



Table 1-1 through 1-5 - Groundwater Colleciton Summary
Table 2-1 thorugh 2-3 - Well Construction Details
Table 3 - Summary of Vertical Elevation Zones
Table 4-1 thorugh 4-3 - Groundwater Elevation Measurements
Table 5-1 through 5-2 - Sum of Vertical Hydrauic Gradient
Table 6 - Groundwater Analytical Results


NOTE:  Additional appendix documents are on file with the NJDEP as part of the January 2017 submission.

Appendix A - Well Abandonment Final Log
Appendix A - Well Documentation Final Table
Appendix B - NJDEP Countour Map Reports
Appendix C - Low Flow, PDB, RPPS
Appendix D - Multiport GWE Measurements
Appensix E - Geophysical Borehold Reports
Appendix F - Split Sample Summary
Appendix G - Note
Appendix H - Hydrographs IA-10
Appendix I -  Trand Analysis Site-Wide Plume


All documents and reports submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for the environmental investigation and remediation of the former Roche Nutley site are available through NJDEP:  http://www.nj.gov/dep/opra/

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