Groundwater IRM Progress Reports: April 2019

The following Groundwater IRM Progress Reports and Letters for the Roche Nutley site were submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in April 2019. 

NOTE: The following documents are large and may take time to load, depending on your bandwith. If you zoom in, you may need to scroll to the right to see the pages.

1. IRM in IA-1/4 (includes text, figures, tables and attachments)

2. IRM in IA-1/Building 55 (includes letter, figures and tables)

3. IRM in IA-2 (includes letter, figures and tables)

4. IRM in IA-6 (includes text, figures, tables and attachments)

5. IRM in IA-3/7 (includes text, figures, tables and attachments)

6. IRM in IA-7/South (includes letter, figures and tables)

7. IRM in IA-9 (includes letter, figures and tables)

8. IRM in IA-10/Building 70 (includes text, figures, tables and attachments)

9. IRM in IA-10/former Building 104 area (includes text, figures, tables and attachments)

10. IRM in IA-12 (includes letter, figures and tables)

11.  IRM in IA-12/OU-2 (click for textfigurestablesattachments)

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